Monday, July 30, 2012

Serious Ink Press Announces Relaunch

Clocks Stopped at a Strange and Savage Hour, my book of poems and short stories, is once again available from Serious Ink Press!

From the Serious Ink Press website: 
"Tales of the surreal await you in Brian Spaeth’s new book Clocks Stopped at a Strange and Savage Hour: Fulton Street and Other Stories. Like Ginsberg meets Kafka meets Bruno Schulz, the sagas in this volume of poems and short stories will lead you through a city that has turned against its own, as offered by one of its dispossessed denizens.

Framed by a crumbling and poisoned city on the verge of shedding its marginalized artists, its lost citizens, and those remembering a childhood that led them to their current state of mind, Clocks Stopped at a Strange and Savage Hour will bring you to a remarkable place of nostalgic dreams, vivid nightmares, imagined fears, and frightful realities. "

 "Welcome to the relaunch of the Serious Ink Press. Please browse our collection of talented authors and visit them on their book pages for more information about their activities and works.

Serious Ink Press is an independent press dedicated to the publication of fiction, non-fiction, poetry, photography, art, treatises, and other work of interest and merit."

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