Friday, July 26, 2013

The Sun Temple—Trailer #1

By B.F. Spaeth:

Meet me at "The Sun Temple": where a fever, heat-wave, and cannabis sacrament all lead to a grand hallucinatory vision. This is the first in a series of animated trailers in which I read from my short story, "The Sun Temple".

After you watch this video, download the e-book to continue on this psychedelic journey.

Click here to purchase the e-book:

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  1. What a production! I read the book first, so what I get from this is that extraordinary declamatory voice, the background music like a harpsichord continuo played by a Chinaman with a pigtail, and a hall-like acoustic, in which I imagine bewigged eighteenth-century Americans with lots of buttons down the front, listening to a young man reciting something he's persuaded Benjamin Franklin to print.

    Different images from those I got from the book itself, but it all adds to the general pipe-dream, and indicates even deeper connections.

  2. LOL—Thanks, Vincent! The music is from "The Fabulous Baron Munchausen" 1961, in an amazing animated sequence where the camera explores the interior of a scale model of the sultan's palace. You picked up on the feeling of antiquity, which the film and soundtrack evoke.

  3. I've never heard an American accent like that. Can you say more about it?

  4. It's a combination of a New York ("Nu Yawk", "Gimme a cup-a-cawfy" etc.) accent via Queens County. My paternal grandmother was Welsh, and my uncle spoke it also, and I picked up a little of those tonalities as well. There would often be conversations in Welsh at the table, especially if they didn't want the children to know what they were talking about. lol