Friday, April 5, 2013

Jazz-Tuning Innuendo in Egyptian Blue Turmoil

Journal #37

Thursday, June 26, 2008
3:26—WSQ! —In the truncated* park on a forlorn and fractious bench.

Fear turns to fatigue as a hollow afternoon rotates ponderously across an imploded solar chart.
Underside of the city as I retreat from fear and paranoia.
Comatose on the park bench as irrelevant thoughts sputter and expire in an over-stimulated nervous system.
Magnetic disturbance of a street as shadows walk through the haze of the late afternoon.
Clinging to obscure corners of the Memory-Park-in-Exile.
Dozing off on a multi-dimensional bench.
Husks shuffle through and around the de-natured chess circle [Re-located to the north-west quadrant against all laws of physics—and decency!]
De-camped on the very periphery of the chess quadrant—feeling too frail to be embroiled in the madness of that still-potent node of fractious contention.

4:33—On an even more obscure bench near the Baci court [Now ripped out and already forgotten!]

Brats continue to scream all through the pain/continuum.

Moved to an even more obscure location on the other side of the Baci court.
Now in the locus of two equidistant “jazz” bands, each playing in what I believe to be the style known as “free” jazz. This produces a music** that is perhaps superior to either of the individual bands alone. 
**Jazz-tuning innuendo in Egyptian Blue turmoil.

Dreams born on chemical mists and industrial solvents.
Tomorrow I have an interview for a graphics job at some horrible law firm at 12:00—it will be a miracle if they hire me and a mistake on their part if they do! I am an incompetant, a day-dreamer, and a slacker! Lord!

6:07—At yet another bench/location.
Jerking and twitching criminals skulk around the chess circle...
Early evening announces itself on a cool breeze from the south-west. Another day rotates sluggishly out of existence as we hapless creatures are whirled through outer space at unimaginable speeds. I wonder how fast the Earth is actually travelling in its crazed orbit around the sun? Perhaps 10,000 miles an hour? Much faster? Or perhaps slower? I’ll look it up tonight... why should I even be interested? I don’t know—anything to distract me from my misery and fears. So we are orbiting and rotating at the same time—and the sun itself is also moving around the galaxy. No wonder we are all confused and agitated: we’re orbiting and spinning and being dragged around the galaxy by the sun at the same time and it never stops! Why doesn’t everyone simply go mad at the very thought of such a situation? It’s like some insane carnival ride!
[The Earth travels in its orbit at approximately 66,000 mph, and rotates on its axis at a little over 1000 mph]

...A little later on an F-Train heading back to Ditmas Park—at least I got a seat...

9:40—Back in the Ditmas.
Vertiginous evening—thoughts are born and expire before I can examine them...

* In the midst of the great renovation/desecration—take your pick

/// wsq /// solar system /// alienation /// solitude

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