Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Book of Disquiet: Trailer #2

O livro do Desassossego por Fernando Pessoa

In Portuguese with English subtitles. The second in an indefinite number of proposed trailers, intended to function as related/unrelated fragments of a theoretical whole perhaps mirroring in some ways the collection of Pessoa's journal entries—discovered in a trunk and written on scraps of paper—which was assembled (in a somewhat arbitrary fashion) and eventually published (decades after his passing) as The Book of Disquiet.

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  1. Completely convincing. There had better be a delivery of this movie, other than in the collective imagination of his aficionados. Although even that might be a fitting tribute to his genius for the resonant paradox, the revelatory oxymoron. Do you speak Portuguese?

  2. I don't speak Portuguese. What I did was take a few lines of his poetry—entered them into an online English-Portuguese translator—hit the audio button, captured the voice (which was female), applied a female-to-male filter, then slowed it down for a more dramatic effect, added a bit of reverb, and voila: it almost sounds like a poet giving a heartfelt reading (at least to my ears). (lol)
    I then submitted the trailer to several Portuguese Pessoa-related websites—and actually got a few positive responses (in Portuguese)! I plan on doing some other foreign language "translations", German, French, etc. But I have so many plans—who knows when I'll get to it...